We offer you modern and functional PVC windows and doors based on profiles system. PVC is made of the highest quality, five- and six-chamber structure. Window profiles used for production do not contain any lead compounds - only environmentally friendly calcium-zinc stabilizers. Our joinery obtained indispensable certificates and has undergone strict quality tests in numerous accredited research centres in Poland and abroad.


Our offer includes modern wooden windows and doors presenting high quality, functionality and aesthetic properties, which meet the most important contemporaryrequirements, as well as the applicable European standards. Our products hold all necessary certificates and their quality is tested in accredited laboratories. The special features of our wooden windows include stability, durability and resistance to deformations.


The front door is the showcase of every home. When well integrated into a building it adds character and improves the visual appeal. It protects against the cold, rain and variable weather conditions. It also provides optimum protection against intruders and insulates from annoying background noise.


The aluminium joinery is produced based on the modern and technologically advanced profile system, which is suitable both for making outside building elements, e.g. balconies, terraces, verandas, and for being used inside the rooms as partition walls, sliding doors, cash-desk cubicles.


Patio doors


The innovative system of sliding fittings used in our windows and balcony doors guarantees unique comfort. Light as a feather, they mean that large and heavy sashes can be opened with ease. Standard equipment includes mushroom rollers and anti break-in catches for a high level of security against forced entry.


Tilt-and-slide patio doors


Balcony doors and windows that open to the inside need space. Accessories or decorations can sometimes make sash operation even more difficult. This problem is eliminated with the use of tilt-and-slide windows and balcony doors. Additionally, all Patio fittings work with Roto MVS window position sensors (open/closed) and can be connected to monitoring and alarm systems.


Entrance doors with superior thermal and acoustic insulation make an excellent addition to the windows and balcony doors in the offer. They provide optimum protection against burglary, ensure high resistance to temperature variations, deformations and warping.


Veranda doors are great for arranging your living space freely. Patio fittings are “as light as a feather” and make the opening of even large and heavy sashes easy. Standard equipment includes mushroom rollers and burglar-proof catches for a high level of security against forced entry.